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Non-Rotating Wire Ropes

The non-rotating wire ropes are generally produced by combining many strands of wire ropes with different lay directions. Normally the outer strands of ropes are in one lay direction and all the other inner strands of ropes are in opposite lay direction.

Non-rotating wire ropes are generally less stable and must be handled and installed with great care. Otherwise the ropes will be damaged and the life time will be greatly reduced.

Non-Rotating Wire Ropes
35 x 7 + IWRC, Compacted
35 x 7 + IWRC
19 x S(19) +IWRC, Compacted
19 x S(19) + IWRC
19 x 7 + IWRC, Compacted
19 x 7 + IWRC
18 x 7 + FC
F4 x SeS(39) + FC
F3 x SeS(39) + FC
35 x 7 + IWRC, Compacted & Plastic Injected
35 x 7 + IWRC, Plastic Injected
37 x 7 + IWRC, Compacted & Plastic Injected
Poweract 19
Poweract 25D
Poweract 25DP, Plastic Injected
Poweract 28
Poweract 28P, Plastic Injected
Poweract 28D
Poweract 28DP, Plastic Injected
Poweract 29
Poweract 29P, Plastic Injected

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