Fibre Rope, PP Rope, PP Multi Rope, Nylon Rope

Lubricant for Ropes

Specially designed and produced for lubrication of ropes. It can also be applied to other mechanical parts where lubrication is required.

  1. Ropelife and Ropelife LG lubricant for ropes
  2. Rivolta synthetic adhesive lubricant
  3. • S.K.D. 16 N Synthetic high performance inside bearing lubricant
    • S.K.D. 170 Synthetic high performance adhesive lubricant
    • S.K.D. 3000 Super adhesive lubricant for running chains
    • S.K.M. 17 Extremely biodegradable and high performance chain lubricant

Lubricant for Ropes
Ropelife/Ropelife LG Lubricant
S.K.D. 16 N
S.K.D. 170
S.K.D. 3000
S.K.M. 17

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