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General Compacted Steel Wire Ropes (Powerflex Ropes)

The compacted steel wire ropes are produced by flattening the surface of outer wires of each strand through some special technique. The diameter of the original rope would be reduced by such process. The compacted wire ropes can carry higher load and performance better against sock load.

Fiber Infilled Wire Ropes (Flexfil Ropes)

The fiber infilled wire ropes are produced by adding some special made fibers with lubricant inside the IWRC of the wire ropes. These kind of wire ropes can combine the benefit of FC and steel core ropes because the fibers can reduce the friction in the core and yet the stability of the ropes can be maintained.

Plastic Injection Wire Ropes (Powertec Ropes)

The plastic injection wire ropes are produced by injecting special made plastic in the core of wire ropes to totally separate the IWRC core and each strand. The plastic has replaced the lubricant and thus the maintenance works for the wire rope can be reduced.

General Compacted Steel Wire Ropes
Poweract 17D
8 x WS(36) + IWRC
8 x WS(26) + IWRC
6 x WS(36) + IWRC
6 x WS(31) + IWRC
6 x WS(26) + IWRC
6 x Fi(25) + IWRC
8 x WS(26) + IWRC, Fiber Infilled
6 x WS(36) + IWRC, Fiber Infilled
8 x WS(26) + IWRC, Plastic Injected
6 x WS(36) + IWRC, Plastic Injected
Poweract 4

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