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Supper Large Steel Wire Ropes (Powermax Ropes)

Supper large steel wire ropes mean those wire ropes with bigger diameters and longer length and the weight of a single reel may exceed 30 Tons.  There are only large and well developed factories worldwide can produce such ropes.  They are generally used in offshore or for mining purpose.

The largest Powermax ropes produced by DSR can be 150mm in diameter and weight about 156 Tons in one single reel.  The factory has adopted new production technique including heat treatment equipments and thus the life time of their ropes produced would generally be about 20% more than other similar rope makers.

Supper Large Steel Wire Ropes
Powermax 6, Compacted
Powermax 8, Compacted
Powermax 6, Conventional
Powermax 8, Conventional

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