Fibre Rope, PP Rope, PP Multi Rope, Nylon Rope


The products are high purity and nearly odourless and evaporate without any residues. They save time and costs because disassembling is not necessary.

  S.L.X. Top High performance cleaner for electrical equiments
  S.L.X. Rapid High performance cleaner for electronic equipments
  S.L.X. 500 High quality safety cleaner for electrical equipments under voltage
  S.L.X. 1000 High quality safety cleaner for electronics equipments under voltage
  • W.S.X. Moisture protector for electrical equipments
  • O.C.X. Oxide remover for electrical equipments
  NSF registered products, suitable for food, pharmaceutical and feed industries

S.L.X. Top
S.L.X. Rapid
S.L.X. 500
S.L.X. 1000

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