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Waterbased cleaners

The universal cleaners can be used for a wide range of possible applications. All cleaners are to be mixed with water and thus extraordinary economical.

  B.W.R. 210 Waterbased high performance and safety cleaner
  • B.R.X. 624 Waterbased high performance and foam free cleaner
  • B.R.X. 637 Intensive waterbased high performance cleaner
  • B.R.X. 659 Extremely biodegradable waterbased cleaner
  B.F.C. High efficient waterbased form cleaner
  • B.S.E. Waterbased rust remover
  NSF registered products, suitable for food, pharmaceutical and feed industries

Waterbased Cleaners
B.W.R. 210
B.R.X. 624
B.R.X. 637
B.R.X. 659

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